lördag 15 februari 2014

Installing Parallels Tools on Debian 7

This entry is about remembering how I solved this issue (as well as boost some traffix for the blogger that solved it)

Parallels Tools is a package designed to make various host/guest tools work: Clipboard, shared folders etc.

For some reason though, the Parallels' way of installing it fails. And it turns out to be a mount + security problem.

First off, the iso wouldn't mount when choosing the "Virtual Machine -> Install Parallels Tools". So I had to manually find it using the "Devices -> Cd/Dvd -> Connect Image..." and browsing to "/Applications/Parallels\ Desktop.app/Contents/Resources/Tools/prl-tools-lin.iso"

But, it still wouldn't work. So, after some googling I followed this guide: Install Parallels Tools on a Debian Virtual Machine

In short these commands (on the guest) solved the issue once I got the iso mounted: